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Dental Fear & Anxiety

At Oasis Dental Care, we take pride in our ability to provide comfortable and high quality care for patients with a real fear of the dentist. Whether you have had a bad experience in the past or just don’t like going to the dentist, we have solutions that can alleviate your fear or dislike of visiting the dentist. At Oasis Dental Care, we offer relaxation (sedation dentistry) dentistry so that you can comfortably receive the treatment you need. Once a patient is in a complete state of relaxation and has been relieved of their anxiety, Dr. Rodda can sometimes accomplish several appointments worth of dental treatment in just a few visits.

Sedation dentistry may be a great option if you:

  • Suffer from dental phobia
  • Are afraid of needles
  • Have had a bad dental experience in the past
  • Have toothaches or headaches
  • Fear the pain you believe to be associated with dentistry
  • Hate the sound of drills or the smell of the dental office
  • Suffer from TMJD
  • Have serious tooth decay that is affecting your overall health
  • Experience constant oral pain
  • Can’t seem to get numb with local anesthesia alone
  • Or simply anyone who wants an anxiety-free and relaxing experience

Three Sedation Dentistry Options to Help you Relax

Dr. Rodda is trained in the use of three different types of anesthesia. Whether you choose nitrous oxide gas, a pill or an IV, we can assure that you will be comfortable and relaxed during your treatment.

Inhalation Consciousness Sedation

Advantages to Inhalation Consciousness Sedation

  • Works well for mild cases of anxiety
  • Takes effect quickly
  • Patients recover quickly and can operate a vehicle after the appointment
  • Very few side effects

Disadvantages of Inhalation Consciousness Sedation

  • Patients with high anxiety may need a stronger level of sedation
  • A mask is placed over the patient’s nose

IV Sedation

IV Sedation requires specialized training and certification to be able to administer. With IV Sedation, medications are administered directly into the bloodstream using a needle and they take effect almost immediately.

Advantages to IV Sedation

  • Immediate effect
  • Doctor can easily add more when needed

Disadvantages of IV Sedation

  • Requires a needle
  • Additional cost

Oral Conscious Sedation

With Oral Conscious Sedation, one or more pills are taken an hour before your treatment, which will make you feel relaxed and somewhat sleepy. You will, however, remain awake, and will be able to interact with and respond to the dentist. The sedative effects will last through your dental treatment.

Even patients with a moderate to severe gag reflex will find that their gag response is reduced or gone when they are sedated. Oral conscious sedation makes possible dental treatment that was previously impossible for many patients.

Advantages to Oral Sedation

  • All you have to do is swallow a pill
  • No IV needles are involved

Disadvantages of Oral Sedation

  • The level of sedation is not easily changed
  • The effect is not immediate
  • You will not be able to safely operate a vehicle after the appointment
  • Some degree of amnesia is common

If you would like to learn more about our sedation dentistry options contact us today.


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