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  • I went there after 2 years of not going to the dentist. They cleaned my teeth very well an described... read more

    Rachael Turner Avatar
    Rachael Turner

    Let me start off with saying I usually hate the dentist. Like I avoided it for several years before. However... read more

    Anne Henningsen Avatar
    Anne Henningsen

    We recently moved to Flagstaff and were searching for the best dentist possible to get established with. I was... read more

    Star Williams Avatar
    Star Williams

    Love this office! The ladies at the front desk are so welcoming and kind! The hygienists and Dr. Rodda are... read more

    Natalie Provencher Avatar
    Natalie Provencher

    Went in for a cleaning and check up on my teeth as a new patient, and the customer service was... read more

    Janel Charteris Avatar
    Janel Charteris

    Great experience! The dental hygienist, I believe her name was Erica, was very professional and top notch. Front... read more

    Brian Francis Avatar
    Brian Francis

    Absolutely wonderful! They talked me through the whole process and explained everything in detail. Everyone was super friendly and helpful.... read more

    Alicia Jo Avatar
    Alicia Jo

    oasis dental was a complete game changer for me! their facility was very clean and well organized and the staff... read more

    Samantha Lawrence Avatar
    Samantha Lawrence

    I have a history of dental anxiety that makes every appointment nearly unbearable, but the staff at oasis dental made... read more

    Samantha Lawrence Avatar
    Samantha Lawrence

    I can't say enough about Oasis Dental! They have beautiful, clean facilities & dental rooms. Their staff members are absolutely... read more

    Taylor Marie Avatar
    Taylor Marie

    Dr Rodda is the best dentist I have ever been to! His office staff always are happy, welcoming, and positive.... read more

    Dawson Williams Avatar
    Dawson Williams

    I love going to this dental office. The staff is so very nice and helpful. The service is also great.... read more

    Mason Bailey Avatar
    Mason Bailey
  • Oasis Dental is an amazing office! The staff is very friendly and always helpful. They answered the many questions I... read more

    Kalil Garcia Avatar
    Kalil Garcia

    I was referred to this dental practice by a Dentist who said this is the group they have work on... read more

    Mary West Avatar
    Mary West

    First visit today and it went great! My hygienist, TJ, was awesome and the front desk staff were very friendly... read more

    Jessica Atwell Avatar
    Jessica Atwell

    This was my first visit to this office and a hot minute before I've been to the dentist. I felt... read more

    Nico Rubio Avatar
    Nico Rubio

    If you're looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Oasis. Dr. Dan Rodda's office was filled with incredibly nice... read more

    Elora Kennedy Avatar
    Elora Kennedy

    I have been going to Oasis Dental Care for years and they have always provided excellent service. They are very... read more

    Kaya Jade Avatar
    Kaya Jade

    Good experience.

    Justin Hongeva Avatar
    Justin Hongeva

    Oasis dental personnel are very nice, friendly, and informative.

    Amelia Isaac Avatar
    Amelia Isaac

    I went for teeth cleaning and my hygienist Erica was absolutely amazing! She was so friendly and welcoming! She explained... read more

    Rhyan Romero Avatar
    Rhyan Romero

    This place is so clean and sanitary. I like the atmosphere and how they make you feel comfortable.
    Erica cleaned my...
    read more

    Gabby Tsinnie Avatar
    Gabby Tsinnie

    Love the staff. Maria is great, checks insurance & everything is very "transparent" with cost. The hygienist is the best... read more

    Tabatha Morrett Avatar
    Tabatha Morrett

    I'm so very lucky to have found such a wonderful dental office. I needed to get in ASAP and they... read more

    Cindy Cazares Avatar
    Cindy Cazares
  • Very friendly staff who does a great job at meeting clients needs. Answered all questions I had respectfully! Overall very pleased!

    Shayly Van Ert Avatar
    Shayly Van Ert

    Great Service, friendly atmosphere, and good vibes. The team at Oasis Dental take care of their patients in the best... read more

    Ryan Quisido Avatar
    Ryan Quisido

    Ive been going here for quite a while and have only had positive experiences. The staff is very friendly and... read more

    Mitch Taylor Avatar
    Mitch Taylor

    I want to thank everyone at Oasis Dental, they are just like family. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I... read more

    Darlene Renaud-konkel Avatar
    Darlene Renaud-konkel

    Erica did an amazing job with my cleaning and kept the atmosphere calm and humor filled. It was an awesome... read more

    Codie Henry Avatar
    Codie Henry

    Patient care is excellent here. If you like courtesy clarity kindness and transparency with your care his is the place... read more

    Justin Dorotheo Avatar
    Justin Dorotheo

    Such an efficient and wonderful practice. The patient care is outstanding. I recently had a filling and it was easy... read more

    Crystal Rogers Avatar
    Crystal Rogers

    I have had a great experience every time I came here. The first time I came here I was very... read more

    Antoinette Ortiz Avatar
    Antoinette Ortiz

    I've been too Oasis Dental twice now and both times I've had excellent experiences. Theresa was kind, professional and made... read more

    Michael Smock Avatar
    Michael Smock

    I have had great experiences here, at Oasis. They cared about me as a patient; worried about whether or not... read more

    Jessica Armijo Avatar
    Jessica Armijo

    Wonderful experience at Oasis. Dr Rodda and his team are professional. Excellence in his work. I always feel like I’m... read more

    DeeDee Lansing Avatar
    DeeDee Lansing

    Dr. Rodda and every single member of his team are incredibly patient, understanding, and kind. I can be a pain... read more

    Amanda Avatar
  • I had a great time at Oasis! Very clean and sanitized, and they took extra precautions to make sure you... read more

    Rachelle Phillips Avatar
    Rachelle Phillips

    New patient to Oasis Dental and had a great experience!! Highly recommend. Gentle, professional and very nice staff. Facility is... read more

    Randy Elston Avatar
    Randy Elston

    I love Oasis Dental! The team is really professional but they also make every experience personal. This is a great... read more

    Dominique garcia Avatar
    Dominique garcia

    Very well organized and efficient dental office! Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a place that’s friendly and provides... read more

    Yoselyne Avatar

    My whole family loves Oasis. We mostly love the staff. They are not only friendly, but are extremely professional. They... read more

    Vicki Wagner Avatar
    Vicki Wagner

    The staff is great!!! From the front desk to the ladies in the back are amazing very friendly and knowledgeable.... read more

    Rosie G Avatar
    Rosie G

    I've had nothing but wonderful experiences at Oasis Dental. Every person I've encountered there has been extremely friendly and professional.... read more

    Danielle Harris Avatar
    Danielle Harris

    I had an amazing experience with Oasis Dental first time there. Definitely going back super friendly and just outgoing staff.... read more

    angelica quintana Avatar
    angelica quintana

    Love the new location! I was referred to Dan Rodda DDS and overall love the friendly staff everyone makes you... read more

    Erica Dolores Avatar
    Erica Dolores

    Everyone always has a smile on their face and makes you feel very welcomed at Oasis Dental Care. Additionally, the... read more

    Andre Stevenson Avatar
    Andre Stevenson

    Oasis Dental Care is a great practice. The staff is professional, positive and they care about what they are doing.... read more

    Brian Benham Avatar
    Brian Benham

    To whoever is looking for a well staffed and friendly Dental Office I would give this place a shot! They... read more

    blackeyevisuals . Avatar
    blackeyevisuals .
  • Oasis dental group is amazing! All of the staff are super kind and diligent. They performed an amazing job on... read more

    Abigail Carlos Avatar
    Abigail Carlos

    Easily would rate Oasis Dental Care a 11 out of 10! The staff is super friendly and the facility... read more

    Josiah Vander Kooy Avatar
    Josiah Vander Kooy

    Oasis is perfect! TJ is an AMAZING hygienist! I've been going to Oasis for 3 years and the new location... read more

    Francisca Alvarado Avatar
    Francisca Alvarado

    Oasis Dental is great. I moved here from another state and went to Oasis because of their terrific reviews... read more

    Pamela MacMahon Avatar
    Pamela MacMahon

    I went to Oasis as my old filling had cracked. They were very friendly and explained everything clearly. When I... read more

    Katy Takumi Avatar
    Katy Takumi

    A wonderful place. They are very nice! Overall they are a good dentists and helped me make my teeth better.... read more

    Pedro Retana Avatar
    Pedro Retana

    I am a new patient and, like most people, not a fan of the dentist. However, Oasis Dental Care’s team... read more

    Maddie Owens Avatar
    Maddie Owens

    I helped build the dentist office..(electrical) but it looks better than I could have imagined now that it's up and... read more

    Derrek Hoppe Avatar
    Derrek Hoppe

    Oasis is definitely a wonderful place to go to; especially if you are a first time patient like myself. ... read more

    Gabriella Contreras Avatar
    Gabriella Contreras

    What an amazing staff! They were beyond helpful and really calmed me down (I get anxiety about the dentist). ... read more

    Lauren Mcfate Avatar
    Lauren Mcfate

    Set up an appointment the day before and was seen quickly. Front staff was super friendly and helpful and even... read more

    Nonah H. Hadnot III Avatar
    Nonah H. Hadnot III

    Their work is very good. I have went to other dental offices and I can definitely say this is the... read more

    faith pebely Avatar
    faith pebely
  • Had fillings without pain! Staff was very nice and made me feel welcome. Great place to go, I would recommend... read more

    Sean Mullen Avatar
    Sean Mullen

    I have always been very nervous about dentist visits, so much so i would avoid coming. This staff is absolutely... read more

    skyy high Avatar
    skyy high

    Great experience getting a cleaning and x-rays to establish care as I am relatively new to the area. All... read more

    Sam Smith Avatar
    Sam Smith

    Not only is oasis the most affordable dentist in flagstaff, their staff goes above and beyond for customer comfortability. I... read more

    Hana Bennett Avatar
    Hana Bennett

    I have to say Oasis Dental Care has outstanding service. The receptionist is very helpful and did everything she could... read more

    Jarett Eisenbart Avatar
    Jarett Eisenbart

    Amy at the front desk was extremely helpful and kind! I observed as she would go out of her way... read more

    Dylan Robertson Avatar
    Dylan Robertson

    Had such a great experience as a new patient. The staff is the friendliest and the cleaning was thorough. Have... read more

    Yvonne Smith Avatar
    Yvonne Smith

    It is always a pleasure going into this office the staff and dentist are always smiling and ready to assist... read more

    Karl Jones Avatar
    Karl Jones

    Very great staff, good reminders, I know the pending cost ahead of time, and the Dentist are great. No... read more

    Sam Minkler Avatar
    Sam Minkler

    I’ve been to many dental offices and this is by far my favorite one! Very professional yet sweet and welcoming... read more

    Chloe Lopez Avatar
    Chloe Lopez

    Had such an enjoyable experience at Oasis Dental Care! Everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable during my... read more

    Celine Manning Avatar
    Celine Manning

    Thank you for the awesome care today. The service was impeccable. My teeth cleaning was thorough and I left there... read more

    denise manning Avatar
    denise manning
  • Nice friendly staff and very caring. Always took excellent care of my friend. Very understanding of people with developmental disabilities... read more

    LeAnna Moore Avatar
    LeAnna Moore

    Super friendly and helpful staff. My teeth feel amazing and can’t wait to go back:) also great bathroom!

    Nicholas Zbacnik Avatar
    Nicholas Zbacnik

    I chose this office because of all the excellent reviews and they also accepted my new dental insurance. It... read more

    Linda Wise Avatar
    Linda Wise

    From the very first phone call the staff was polite and knowledgeable. After several visits they continue to impress with... read more

    Scott Elliott Avatar
    Scott Elliott

    I love Oasis Dental Care. They were so friendly and made me feel really comfortable during my visit. Ramona was... read more

    Chris Comerford Avatar
    Chris Comerford

    Everyone was super friendly, caring , compassionate with myself and all patients! Extremely knowledgeable and informative dentist staff... read more

    Martini Star Avatar
    Martini Star

    Oasis Dental Care is by far my favorite dental office that I have visited during my time in Flagstaff. During... read more

    Rachel Cohen Avatar
    Rachel Cohen

    I have been absolutely thrilled with the service I've received from Dr Rodda and his team since switching to... read more

    Kat Ross Avatar
    Kat Ross

    My wife and I had an excellent experience with Dr. Rodda and his staff. They are caring, compassionate, efficient and... read more

    Simul Parikh Avatar
    Simul Parikh

    I went in today for a cleaning and exams. Everything was amazing from the moment I walked in! It was... read more

    Gracie Marie Avatar
    Gracie Marie

    Awesome service. It was a while since my last teeth cleaning, but everyone was kind and courteous. Rita was fantastic... read more

    Preston B Avatar
    Preston B

    Oasis Dental Care is amazing! I had a cleaning and check up today and had a wonderful experience. Rita was... read more

    Alix Manci Avatar
    Alix Manci
  • Very courteous staff. Professional, and quick. I was in and out before my lunch break was even over. Excellent quality... read more

    David Harris Avatar
    David Harris

    My experience at Oasis Dental care was great. Maria was very helful at the front desk and Dr. Rodda was... read more

    Ryan Ballenger Avatar
    Ryan Ballenger

    What a great group at Oasis! I had fear and anxiety about going to a dentist due to prior experiences... read more

    Erica Day Avatar
    Erica Day

    The front office is very knowledgeable about insurance plans and helpful in explaining how it works. Dr. Rodda is highly... read more

    Sonia Draper Avatar
    Sonia Draper

    I was very pleased with my appointment - knowledgeable doctor, who took time to answer all my questions, experienced staff,... read more

    Natella R. Avatar
    Natella R.

    Just had my cleaning done with Alison and I can honestly say it was the best one yet. Usually I... read more

    corinn riccardi Avatar
    corinn riccardi

    Everyone is truly nice here. I was able to get an appointment quickly. The communication between every staff member was... read more

    Tiffany Bullins Avatar
    Tiffany Bullins

    The office has large computer screens that allow you to see your own x-rays, and photos of your teeth. It... read more

    Marissa Matthews Avatar
    Marissa Matthews

    My first time here and I had a really nice time, the receptionist is very friendly and helpful. The hygienist... read more

    Madelyne C Avatar
    Madelyne C

    My appointment went great. Great job for a cleaning. It wasn’t as painful as some past experiences. The staff were... read more

    Tommy Walker Avatar
    Tommy Walker

    Staff makes you feel welcome while also being extremely professional. Each experience I have had here has been excellent. I... read more

    Hannah Kepford Avatar
    Hannah Kepford

    This visit was only for a routine cleaning, but Jennifer made my visit very positive. She was friendly and outgoing,... read more

    A Google User Avatar
    A Google User
  • Dr. Rodda and his staff are great. They take extra time to make sure you are comfortable and do what... read more

    Audrey Nagel Avatar
    Audrey Nagel

    So far so good. It was my first time there. All of the staff was very friendly. I hate... read more

    Princess Butterfly Avatar
    Princess Butterfly

    This place is great especially with the addition of Nicole. She is so professional, kind, and genuine. Great judgment of... read more

    Courtney Smith Avatar
    Courtney Smith

    I have been a patient at Oasis for several years. They have state of art equipment. Dr. Rodda is so... read more

    Susan Wells Avatar
    Susan Wells

    The staff at Oasis Dental Care are extremely friendly and professional. There was virtually no wait time, and I was... read more

    Christopher Norris Avatar
    Christopher Norris

    I got a teeth cleaning here after waiting much too long between cleanings. The staff was very friendly through the... read more

    Lauren Adoram-Kershner Avatar
    Lauren Adoram-Kershner

    The filling I got replaced on my two front teeth is completely seamless and was taken care of in... read more

    Nick Van Deusen Avatar
    Nick Van Deusen

    So far so good. It was my first time there. All of the staff was very friendly. I hate... read more

    Princess Butterfly Avatar
    Princess Butterfly

    Great experience all around. I am new to Flagstaff and with many choices, I decided on Oasis because of... read more

    Lyndsay Clements Avatar
    Lyndsay Clements

    I have had several appointments with Oasis Dental. The staff is always friendly and glad to see you, even... read more

    Noreen Johnston Avatar
    Noreen Johnston

    Excellent visit to this facility. A little iffy at the reception desk. Joey, one of the assistants... read more

    S Nelson Avatar
    S Nelson

    Best dental experience I've ever had. My previous dentist had retired and I was looking for a new dental office... read more

    Nick Allen Avatar
    Nick Allen
  • Joey is one of the most interesting and well informed Hygienist I have ever seen! Dr Rodda was quick and... read more

    Katie Suszczewicz Avatar
    Katie Suszczewicz

    So far so good. It was my first time there. All of the staff was very friendly. I hate... read more

    Princess Butterfly Avatar
    Princess Butterfly

    This was the most comfortable and relaxing experience I've ever had going to the dentist's office. The staff are so... read more

    Sarah Birchard Avatar
    Sarah Birchard

    This office is awesome. The whole staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Rodda is very informative about treatment... read more

    Alec Boyce Avatar
    Alec Boyce

    I had a great experience with Oasis. As someone who let their attention to dental care fall to the wayside... read more

    Evan Thibodeau Avatar
    Evan Thibodeau

    Staff is friendly and very professional. I have most experience with the hygienist who did a great job cleaning... read more

    Mark Swift Avatar
    Mark Swift

    Staff makes you feel welcome while also being extremely professional. Each experience I have had here has been excellent. I... read more

    Hannah Kepford Avatar
    Hannah Kepford

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