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  • This dentist office is so great. I, like many, don’t love going to the dentist. But this team makes it... read more

    melissa cason Avatar
    melissa cason

    Oasis gifted me with the best dentist visit I’ve ever had. They were efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable and the... read more

    Eric Dean Avatar
    Eric Dean

    I had a bad experience with a dentist years ago and have tried multiple times to meet dentists and their... read more

    Sue Bibb Avatar
    Sue Bibb

    They were awesome. Like seriously.

    I have moved around dental clinics quite a bit, and settled on this clinic three years...
    read more

    Lady Integrity Avatar
    Lady Integrity

    We have taken an elderly friend to Oasis Dental for dental work the past three years. The services and... read more

    M Knight Avatar
    M Knight

    What a great first visit experience I had at Oaisis dental today. The front desk receptionist, greeted me warmly &... read more

    Tiffany Lee-Yazzie Avatar
    Tiffany Lee-Yazzie

    What a great first visit experience I had at Oaisis dental today. The front desk receptionist, greeted me warmly &... read more

    Tiffany Lee-Yazzie Avatar
    Tiffany Lee-Yazzie

    Staff was amazing! From the front desk ladies, to my assistant Kathleen and Dr. Garrett. They were all super knowledgeable,... read more

    khaela nicole Avatar
    khaela nicole

    Erika was very soothing and nice! This place is so fancy and so comfortable. Almost fell asleep in the chair!! 🙂

    Amber Kelly Avatar
    Amber Kelly

    Had a very nice day visiting today! Cleaning and check in’s went very well! The woman cleaning my teeth was... read more

    Sarah Baca Avatar
    Sarah Baca

    Highly recommend Oasis Dental! The staff was extremely nice and made me feel at home! The person who did my... read more

    Angelique Varela Avatar
    Angelique Varela

    Really enjoyed my experience here . Rhonda was amazing and informative. I really enjoyed my time with her. All the... read more

    N RT Avatar
    N RT
  • I went there after 2 years of not going to the dentist. They cleaned my teeth very well an described... read more

    Rachael Turner Avatar
    Rachael Turner

    Let me start off with saying I usually hate the dentist. Like I avoided it for several years before. However... read more

    Anne Henningsen Avatar
    Anne Henningsen

    We recently moved to Flagstaff and were searching for the best dentist possible to get established with. I was... read more

    Star Williams Avatar
    Star Williams

    Love this office! The ladies at the front desk are so welcoming and kind! The hygienists and Dr. Rodda are... read more

    Natalie Provencher Avatar
    Natalie Provencher

    Went in for a cleaning and check up on my teeth as a new patient, and the customer service was... read more

    Janel Charteris Avatar
    Janel Charteris

    Great experience! The dental hygienist, I believe her name was Erica, was very professional and top notch. Front... read more

    Brian Francis Avatar
    Brian Francis

    I love Oasis Dental Care. Everybody there is really nice and care about the people that go there to get... read more

    Kenneth Burkett Avatar
    Kenneth Burkett

    Absolutely wonderful! They talked me through the whole process and explained everything in detail. Everyone was super friendly and helpful.... read more

    Alicia Jo Avatar
    Alicia Jo

    oasis dental was a complete game changer for me! their facility was very clean and well organized and the staff... read more

    Samantha Lawrence Avatar
    Samantha Lawrence

    I have a history of dental anxiety that makes every appointment nearly unbearable, but the staff at oasis dental made... read more

    Samantha Lawrence Avatar
    Samantha Lawrence

    I can't say enough about Oasis Dental! They have beautiful, clean facilities & dental rooms. Their staff members are absolutely... read more

    Taylor Marie Avatar
    Taylor Marie

    Dr Rodda is the best dentist I have ever been to! His office staff always are happy, welcoming, and positive.... read more

    Dawson Williams Avatar
    Dawson Williams
  • I love going to this dental office. The staff is so very nice and helpful. The service is also great.... read more

    Mason Bailey Avatar
    Mason Bailey

    Oasis Dental is an amazing office! The staff is very friendly and always helpful. They answered the many questions I... read more