Common Problems

Common Dental Issues

Tooth sensitivity:

Ask us about fluoride options, anti-sensitivity toothpaste, and remineralization techniques to harden enamel.



Cavities are best caught early, and better yet, prevented. See our Restorative Dentistry section for more information about Composite Fillings.


Tooth Pain:

There are a number of causes of tooth pain. See our Emergency Dentistry section for more information about Cracked Tooth, Root Canal Therapy, and Tooth Extractions.


Jaw Pain:

Jaw pain can be a complex and multifactorial problem. See the TMJD and Bruxism sections for more information.

Dental Abscess:

A dental abscess is caused by a tooth-related infection. They are usually endodontic in origin, from the inside of the tooth, but can be periodontally related, or both! Dental abscesses are often self draining, but can be very dangerous, and even life threatening if they keep traveling through the tissue and cause immense swelling.


Tooth Wear:

There are many ways in which teeth can prematurely wear. Some of which are; attrition, erosion, and abfraction. Stress and other factors can lead to nighttime grinding. See our Bruxism section for more information on clenching and grinding.


Chipped Tooth:

We have many solutions for a chipped or broken tooth. See our Restorative Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry sections for many of our restorative options.


Cracked Tooth:

A tooth with a fracture line, or that is completely fractured through can be a tricky fix. Learn more about what to do with a Cracked Tooth, in our Emergency Dentistry section.

Stained Teeth:

Usually teeth can be easily whitened with over the counter, or professional whitening options. However, sometimes teeth cannot be whitened to developmental or genetic conditions. See our Cosmetic Dentistry section for more esthetic options!

Missing Teeth:

Having missing teeth can reduce your ability to chew, and to be confident in your smile. Teeth will also shift over time, when there are open spaces. We have a number of tooth replacement options available including: Dental Implants, Fixed Bridges, Dentures and Partial Dentures.


Gingivitis and Gum Disease:

Red and bleeding gums are uncomfortable, and what’s worse is that there may be more going on underneath! See our Periodontal Therapy section for more information about periodontal disease and Scaling & Root Planing.


Gum Recession:

Recession of the gums can be unsightly and can lead to tooth sensitivity. See our Periodontal Therapy section for more information about Gum Recession and tissue grafting options.

If you are experiencing any dental issues, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.