What Can Tooth Loss Do to You?

Do you ever think about smiling for a moment, but then get too timid thinking about what someone else will think of your missing teeth? Living with an incomplete smile due to dental trauma or tooth decay can leave you feeling embarrassed, uncomfortable, and completely unhappy.

The effects of tooth loss can be detrimental to our daily life, both physically and emotionally. Today, there are numerous dental restorative treatments that allow you to replace your missing teeth, such as dental implants.

As it continues to rise in popularity, dental implants can help you live your life to the fullest again, without any drawbacks. They look, function, and feel just like your natural teeth, so no one else will even know it’s a prosthetic.

When tooth loss is left untreated, major issues can emerge for your overall health and wellbeing. To avoid further damage to your health and enhance your self-esteem, explore these five reasons why you should restore your missing teeth as soon as you can.

1. To Maintain Good Oral Health

Missing one or more teeth can increase your risk for oral infections, such as gum disease or tooth decay. The gaps between your teeth can make it easier for bacteria and food particles to get stuck, resulting in a much more difficult time brushing and flossing.

Seeking a restorative treatment for your tooth loss as soon as possible can eliminate the possibility of suffering from an infection. You’ll also reduce costs in the long-run by decreasing your need to receive multiple dental treatments to maintain your oral health.


2. To Eat and Speak Without Hassle

Imagine losing a front tooth and trying to take a bite of an apple. Ouch! Or even, trying to chew a piece of steak without a back molar. Both scenarios sound awful, don’t they?

When you’ve lost one or more teeth, your loss of basic function is taken away. Eating is not as simple as it once was and every meal begins to be a chore.

You might also struggle when holding a conversation. Depending on where you’ve lost your tooth or teeth, certain words will become harder to pronounce and you may even slur when speaking for a long time. With the proper restorative treatment, you’ll be able to restore full function in your teeth without any hassle.

3. To Preserve Your Facial Structure

Your teeth and their roots are made to stimulate your jawbone. In order to stay strong and healthy, it requires the force and energy of tooth roots to support it. When teeth are missing, your jawbone isn’t receiving its necessary stimulation and will begin to slowly weaken.

As your jaw weakens, it will begin to lose its shape and your skin will loosen and sag down. Your appearance will quickly change, making you look older with wrinkles and sunken lips.

The best way to protect your jaw from further deterioration is with dental implants. They’re the only dental restorative treatment that can prevent this issue by stimulating your jaw.

4. To Avoid Feeling Self-Conscious and Unhappy

Smiling is an expression people associate happiness with. People are less inclined to smile when they have imperfections in their teeth such as discoloration, cracks, chips, misalignment, or if they’re completely missing because they feel insecure.

Choosing not to smile due to one of these flaws can have a major effect on your psychological health. Smiling is known to reduce stress, boost moods, and build strong relationships. If you skip out on this simple act, it can impact your well-being and damage your social life.

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their smile and happy in their life. Don’t let the damages to your teeth affect your health or self-esteem any longer. Discover a treatment that helps you achieve a stunning, long-lasting smile.

5. To Protect Your Mouth From Pain

No one enjoys living with pain, especially when it relates to their mouth. Missing a tooth can be a captivating space for bacteria, plaque, and food particles to live and thrive. The exposure to the bacteria can lead to sensitivity, irritation, and discomfort in your mouth.

You should never ignore dental pain because it could be a lot more than just a toothache. Once you notice tenderness in your mouth, especially from tooth loss, it’s crucial to schedule an appointment right away to avoid future dental complications.


Revitalize Your Smile Today

Finding a solution to your dental issues can surely take the weight off your shoulders and provide you with instant relief. If you’re missing teeth, knowing that there are quality treatments to restore your smile, like dental implants, can simply change your life. Learn more about restorative treatments with Dr. Garrett and see which one will deliver remarkable results for your smile.